Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What? Me a Muscle Hack. ... I doubt it! In fact I deny it.

But there is a Muscle Hack that is up there in my book (actually I don't have a book - as in authoring one at least). And if you are a Muscle Hack (what is a Muscle Hack anyway?) please read an interview with one - Anthony Colpo. As usual, he has a strong, well informed, well researched, and entertaining view.
Caution: Anthony provides this disclaimer about the interview.

If you are a politically correct pansy who takes deep offense when a grown man speaks his mind, or if you are a member of The Church of Latter Day Metabolic Advantage Believers, then you read the interview at your own risk. Neither the interviewer or interviewee are in any way responsible for any resulting nervous breakdowns or intra-cranial hemorrhages occurring in those who can't handle information that clashes with their own deeply held beliefs.Though not a Muscle Hack I am interested in health and diet (I don't think they're distinctly different topics) and will say Anthony Colpo speaks on these topics with gusto.

Interview tith Colpo: Muscle Hack
Colpo's Books: The Great Cholesterol CON; The Fat Loss Bible

Colpo's article in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons: LDL Cholesterol:"Bad" Cholesterol, or Bad Science?

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