Friday, February 12, 2016

The Damage Triad: Sugar, Low-Fat and Statins - glynthincs

"Many statin victims find themselves caught up in a triad of life-style damage:

Low-Fat  and
Statin Damage

The three effects combine to cause a devastating set of circumstances which left unrecognised will lead to kidney failure, dementia and neuro-muscular damage - Life threatening, painful and debilitating conditions.  General practitioners are briefed by the statin manufacturers to see these effects as part of the original reason for prescribing statins.  They are encouraged to prescribe for the side-effects rather than think about their cause. Eventually it is too late to fix the damage. Then what? Pre-mortem or post-mortem?

The cruel irony is that statin related deaths from dementia, kidney disease and organ failure are rarely attributed. They cannot be used in off-set against the relatively insignificant statistical claim that statins may prevent heart attacks!

I have published reviews in medical journals, and made a conference presentation with references supporting this summary. You can read more in “The High-Cholesterol Paradox” which has references to key journal papers.

Download it free on this link: http://bit.ly/1fkGYgb  Following the link will result in the .pdf being downloaded to your download folder to save or view.

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