Thursday, March 27, 2008

A topic near to my heart

In a new article by Dr Dach he provides some very helpful information on the 'CAT Coronary Calcium Score' which is better than other methods used to predict heart attacks. A couple of summary paragraphs from his article to whet your appetite follow.

"Information provided by Calcium Score CAT Scan may provide information about heart disease risk that is actually more valuable than the conventional lipid profile, cholesterol level or the Framingham risk equation.

Advocates of coronary calcium scoring like William Davis MD recommend use of screening CT heart scans in any male 40 years of age or older, females 50 years and older, but starting at younger ages if any high-risk feature is present (heart disease in young family members, substantial smoking history, diabetes, severe lipid or lipoprotein disorders). Although not currently covered by insurance, the AHA statement may speed acceptance by health insurance companies and hopefully, CT heart scanning may soon be covered."

Please read the complete article as it provides some very practical information on how to reduce your Coronary Artery Calcium Score thereby reducing your risk of heart attack.

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