Friday, August 29, 2008

Controversy in the statin/cancer arena

A Medscape Today article just received (Aug 30, 2008) bears the heading: "FDA Looking Into Vytorin and Cancer Risk, but Interim Analysis Reassuring for Patients to Continue With Medication"

My previous blog entry refers to a NewsTarget article based on the Canadian Medical Association Journal article which states under 'Background' in the Abstract that
"The risk association between low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol and cancer remains controversial and largely unexplored for people not receiving statin therapy."

Now my interest is a bit more than academic. My post exactly one year ago Aug 30, 2007 (look it up) is titled "Cholesterol lowering statin drugs and Cancer! and summarizes some of my history, medically speaking, that puts me right in the middle of this topic having been a long time statin user to lower my cholesterol and during that "on statin" period of my life had 5 heart attacks and cancer.

In my humble opinion it is about time that this topic gets study and press to get it out in the open and before the public. Public exposure to this cannot hurt, only help individuals to take a proactive involvment in their own health issues. I Have!

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