Monday, March 16, 2009

Vitamin D3

Why am I so interested in Vitamin D? Is it a magic bullet? I'll admit to acknowledging it as a vitally important suppliment has come slowly for me, but it seems that a large body of medical evidence exists and it is becoming ever more visible. I have for some time now been receiving a newsletter from the Vitamin D Council (http://www.vitamindcouncil.org/) and have just recently come across Vitamin D3 World (http://www.vitamind3world.com/) which also has a newsletter providing much well documented information. I heartily recomment you check them out for yourself, and not just the articles but look at their references (http://www.vitamind3world.com/References.html) i.e. where the information comes from. It is a litany of high caliber sources.

To get back to my questions as to why I am so interested in vitamin D, one of the several pieces of information that keeps popping up in my research is the relationship of a deficiency of vitamin D and issues in my personal health. The two big ones that stand out are heart disease and cancer. At present I am a survivor of both and am attempting to continue that suvivorship by doing what I can to minimize reocurrence and prevent further complications.

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