Sunday, November 8, 2009

Horrible Hiney(H1n1) - Mortality in perspective

I just spent a week in Calgary where it was much cooler than my body is accustom to but the H1N1 panic was heated up to a fever pitch which was hard to explain in my mind.

My son emailed me a link to Michael Paukner's flickr site that has a chart that helps put the magnitude of the threat in perspective.

Go to this link to see it with better detail.

Note the H1N1 entry in red near the middle of the chart. Kind of dwarfs other health risks such as cardiovascular disease and cancer - right? I wonder where deaths due to water born diseases would lie on the chart. That's one we could actually do something significant on and reduce mortality especially among the young and most vulnerable. I'm convinced that H1N1 is a scare of the affluent.

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