Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wheat Belly

Tom Naughton just reviewed the book Wheat Belly by Dr. William R. Davis cardiologist. See that review here.

I just received my Kindle e-book copy and will read it soon.

I stopped consuming wheat products about two years ago at the recommendation of Dr Davis for the treatment of lipid disorders (it has a dramatic effect on small LDL) )and heart disease. Since I have a history of CAD that has resulted in 6 heart attacks I am of course interested in finally doing something to reduce the progression of plaque growth. The only advice I have received previous to this is to reduce my serum cholesterol i.e. take a statin and eat a low fat diet. But in the process of doing that I had my first four heart attacks. I treated that 'risk factor' (cholesterol) over the course of many years and while doing so had my first 4 heart attacks. Clearly it was not attacking the disease, only a non-significant risk factor in my case.

I am now following the Track Your Plaque regimen of measuring plaque using a heart scan, advanced lipid testing (VAP NMR, Berkley) , treating lipid disorders shown to be correctable in clinical trials and observations, following the TYP diet and monitoring blood glucose levels. I have only been on board fully with this approach since Feb 2011 so it is a work in progress.

I first began learning about this approach to actually treat the disease rather than a single risk factor back in 2006 or so but it took my skeptical self a while to become convinced. After all it was not exactly Main Stream Medicine. Was it quackery or something more. It took a couple more heart attacks and the realization that MSM had not served me well other than to patch the damage but not to treat the disease, to push me over the edge. I began blogging some of what I was finding in early 2007 to, if you will, document and share my findings, and keep track of what I think is Credible Evidence leading me to where I am now.

The Kindle version of Wheat Belly is only ten bucks. It is not the whole answer, but it does, I think, point to what is a significant piece of the puzzle.

Thanks Tom for the review.

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