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Low Cholesterol Leads to an Early Death - FallonMorell

Low Cholesterol Leads to an Early Death: Evidence From 101 Scientific Papers

This book is a sequel to Cholesterol and Saturated Fat Prevent Heart Disease: Evidence from 101 Scientific Papers by the same author (and given a Thumbs Up review in Wise Traditions, Summer 2013). Evans provides studies in chronological order showing that the lower your cholesterol, the earlier you die; that high levels of both “good” and “bad” cholesterol help you to live longer; that high cholesterol does not cause cardiovascular disease; that low cholesterol leads to an early death in many diseases; and that low cholesterol leads to an increased prevalence of many diseases.
Some gems from Evans’ book: A 1992 study of over three hundred fifty thousand men, aged thirty-five to fifty-seven, followed for twelve years, found that higher cholesterol levels were associated with lower death rates; a five-year study published in 1989 found that low cholesterol increases the risk of death by at least 340 percent in elderly women; a twenty-year study published in 2001 found that those with the lowest cholesterol levels have a 35 percent increase in death rates compared to those with the highest cholesterol levels; and a 1998 study found that low cholesterol levels are associated with higher rates of many infectious diseases including hepatitis, appendicitis, digestive and liver infections, kidney and urinary tract infections, venereal disease and musculo-skeletal infections. None of these important studies got front-page billing in the media; meanwhile the anti-cholesterol juggernaut rolls on.

This book represents a great compilation of studies we never hear about and is enhanced by an amusing foreword by Tom Naughton, producer of the movie Fat Head. Thumbs up!
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