Sunday, September 7, 2008

Dr Duane Graveline's statin story. Read it!

I mention his book "Statin Drugs Side Effects and the Misguided War on Cholesterol" under Credible Evidence on the right and now I find out he is continuing to deterioriate from the effects. Here is a couple of paragraphs from his story.

"My total time on Lipitor was no more than five months at 5-10 mg dosing, low by today's standards. I had joined the ranks of thousands of other people whose physiology had been seriously compromised by statins. Research evidence about the more serious side effects of statin drugs began to flood the internet. Statin induced mevalonate blockade with the consequences of CoQ10 and dolichol inhibition now was documented by research rather than just suspected. Then mitochondrial mutations induced by statins began to be reported as the cause of increasing numbers of serious disabilities affecting neurons of the brain as well as causing muscle damage. Inhibition of CoQ10 was allowing free radical excess to mutate our mitochondria. The World Health Association reported excess ALS in statin users world-wide. A new word was coined, cerebromyopathies, and currently, reports of ALS associated with statin induced mitochondrial mutations are in the research news."

Read the whole article by Dr Graveline here.

I tell you, based upon my own experience and so much evidence piling up (see Credible Evidence on the right) statins and the cholesterol lowering psuedo-religion have a terrorist like presence in our world. Please! Please! Read some of the credible evidence for yourself. Lowering your cholesterol is NOT the answer folks! Am I being overly dramatic? Maybe so! My heart felt recommendation is to either read the credible evidence then quit taking cholesterol lowering medication or better yet, quit taking the medication and then read the evidence. You will thereby reduce your risk tremendiously! Don't believe me believe those credible sources I've provided and if you still would rather have low cholesterol and risk cancer, ALS(see quote above), loss of memory, Statins & Associated Rhabdomyolysis, and who knows what else at least make your decision from an informed position rather simply because your doctor said your cholesterol is too high!.

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  1. Awesome, Educational site! Thank you!! As a former Critical Care Registered Nurse, with 12 years of practice, I was on Lipitor for about 3 years, until one fateful day when I began to have bouts of headaches (wicked) confusion, disorientation. Was hospitalized for 28 days at the UW Hospital, had Brain and muscle biopsies, consistent with Mitochondrial DNA mutations. $300 thousand in hospital bills, disabled at 34 years of age. Another link to provide regarding Mitochondrial mutations related to statins: http://spacedoc.net/how_statins_cause_mitochondrial_mutations


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