Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bush wins (51%) - country divided. Obama wins (52%) - Country united. ...HUH?

As a follow-up to my last post "You gotta be kidding! Statins for 8-year olds" here is some other reactions to this whole mess.

An article titled "Is it for real? Cholesterol screening in toddlers and statins from elementary school age?" found at Junkfood Science.

TARA PARKER-POPE writes in the New York Times about this health issue in an article titled "8-Year-Olds on Statins? A New Plan Quickly Bites Back" and another titled "Palpitations Over a New Pill for Kids"

Sandy Szwarc also has a critical look at the JUPITER which if you have followed the press releases on it may get the idea it's "... dramatic, huge, spectacular and unprecedented and statins are the wonder drug of hope." Read her insite here.

And you've gotta read Michael Eades, M.D. titled Truth versus hype in the Jupiter study which makes a clear point by beginning with the following cartoon.

Now this cartoon has nothing to do with the Jupiter study - or does it? It's about how things are reported. Any similarity between the actual data and what is reported is purely accidental or more accurately non-existent.

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