Tuesday, December 30, 2008

15% of Population at High Risk for Statin Injury

In an August 2008 article from Wellness Resources a NEJM study is referenced stating:

"Scientists have uncovered an alteration in a gene that causes statin drugs to be more readily absorbed by the liver, thereby making the drug very toxic. 15% of our population has the risk-related gene variant."

The article concludes...

Let’s look at it another way. For those who enjoy playing Russian roulette the odds are 1 in 6, close to 15%. How many people do you know who play Russian roulette? How many people do you know who take statins? Big Pharma and its salesman are more than willing to play this deadly game with the American public, as they rake in 20 billion in sales every year on this one class of medication. Whatever happened to “first do no harm.”

  • Do you take a statin drug?
  • Had your genes checked?
  • Do you have the rs4363657 single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) located within SLCO1B1 on chromosome 12?

Statins Can Injure If You Have a Common Gene Variant

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