Friday, July 24, 2009

H1ow N1ot to Get Swine Flu

H1N1 again? Yup! Again. Not a favorite of mine but certainly seems to be a media favorite and likewise a high priority of governments with a 'You need us to save you' view of their function.

That being said, I came across the blog of Mark Sisson, which I'm still evaluating, and there it was again... "H1N1". And I like his catchy title "H1ow N1ot to Get Swine Flu". I think I'm on track with much of what he says but I'm reminded that there are definitely things I need to work on. Work on not just to avoid H1N1 but for healthy living. As I read Mark's article it is not so much steps to avoid Swine flu but rather a philosophy of health that provides among its benefits a strong immune system.

What led me to Mark's Daily Apple was not even related to the topic of this blog entry, rather his excellent, well researched article on saturated fats - the boogey man of modern heart health because of it's supposed artery clogging properties. I've linked to it in my Credible Evidence list on the right column.

Read both articles and much more here.

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  1. Mark's Daily Apple is a must-read. Well it would be if he and his contributors weren't so damn *prolific*! You can spend hours there trying to play catch-up - but it's worth it, he has an excellent grasp on all aspects of health, returning to living the way we evolved to live over the millennia before Experts came along and told us we were all doing it wrong.

    Useful blog . . .


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