Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The healthcare model of the future

Dr. William Davis and I are not the same person (my name is also William Davis without the Dr.) or even related. I do follow his Heart Scan Blog and Track Your Plaque website and take to heart (pun intended) what he says. He simply makes sense. If I were located where I could I would seriously consider getting more officially involved in his program.

His current blog entry (Tuesday, August 25, 2009) is titled Grasscutting, fertilizer, and healthcare sounds odd for a heart related blog but it caught my eye. I'll quote here his timely paragraph with "the healthcare model of the future." And I do recommend that you read his full blog entry.

You manage your own cholesterol issues, your own basic thyroid issues, supplement and monitor your vitamin D levels, use diet to suit your needs, order blood tests when necessary, even obtain basic imaging tests like heart scans, carotid ultrasound, bone density testing. Your doctor is a resource, near by when and if you need him or her: guidance when needed, an occasional review of what you are doing, someone to consult when you fracture an ankle.

What your doctor is NOT is a paternal, "do what I say, I'm the doctor," or a "You need these tests whether you like it or not" holder of your health fate.

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