Sunday, January 23, 2011

The five most powerful heart disease prevention strategies

Here is a summary of the strategy from Dr Davis's blog.
Please read his complete article here.

The five most powerful heart disease prevention strategies
from Heart Scan Blog by Dr. William Davis

You've seen such lists before: 5 steps to prevent heart disease or some such thing. These lists usually say things like "cut your saturated fat," eat a "balanced diet" (whatever the heck that means), exercise, and don't smoke.

I would offer a different list. You already know that smoking is a supremely idiotic habit, so I won't repeat that. Here are the 5 most important strategies I know of that help you prevent heart disease and heart attack:

1) Eliminate wheat from the diet
2) Achieve a desirable 25-hydroxy vitamin D level
3) Supplement omega-3 fatty acids from fish
4) Normalize thyroid function
5) Make exercise fun
Note what is not on the list: cut your fat, eat more "healthy whole grains," take a cholesterol drug, take aspirin. That's the list you'd follow if you feel your hospital needs your $100,000 contribution, otherwise known as coronary bypass surgery.

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