Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Truth About Cholesterol

Some quotes from Dr. Graveline

"For the past four decades we have all been subjected to an intense and carefully calculated program of brainwashing to believe that cholesterol is our enemy. I am sorry to admit that I was one of thousands of doctors trained to absorb this propaganda without question. In retrospect I am angry to have been so completely enmeshed in this web of deceit."

"Like puppets we wrote millions of prescriptions for whatever cholesterol buster the drug companies were promoting at the time. I was just like all the other doctors - doing what I was told, never suspecting we had functionally become employees of the pharmaceutical industry. In truth there has never been a scientific study that has been able to demonstrate a causal link between cholesterol and heart disease. The reality is that cholesterol in its natural form cannot be harmful."

".. statins significantly promote diabetes..."

"Far from being harmful, cholesterol is perhaps the most important biochemical in our bodies."
"cholesterol is the precursor for a whole class of hormones known as the steroid hormones that are absolutely critical for life as we know it."

"The large amounts of cholesterol required for both the formation and function of these basic structures argues strongly against the rationality of excessively liberal use of drugs such as statins that inhibit cholesterol synthesis."
Read the full article here. And consider buying one or more of his books.

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