Saturday, March 3, 2012

The followers of the Track Your Plaque program enjoy virtual elimination of risk.

Why are heart attacks still happening?

I’m a cardiologist. I see patients with heart disease in the form of coronary artery disease every day.
These are people who have undergone bypass surgery, received one or more stents or undergone other forms of angioplasty, have survived heart attacks or sudden cardiac death, or have high heart scan scores. In short, I see patients every day who are at high-risk for heart attack and death from heart disease.

But I see virtually no heart attacks. And nobody is dying from heart disease. (I’m referring to the people who follow the strategies I advocate, not the guy who thinks that smoking a pack of cigarettes a day is still okay, or the woman who thinks the diet is unnecessary because she’s slender.)
Two high-profile deaths from heart attacks occurred this week:

Davy Jones–The iconic singer from the 1960s pop group, the Monkees, suffered sudden cardiac death after a large heart attack, just hours after experiencing chest pain.

Andrew Breitbart–The conservative blogger and controversy-generating media personality suffered what was believed to be sudden cardiac death while walking.

It’s a darn shame and it shouldn’t happen. The tools to identify the potential for heart attack are available, inexpensive, and simple. The strategies to reduce, even eliminate, risk are likewise available, inexpensive, and cultivate overall health.

The followers of the Track Your Plaque program who
1) get a heart scan that yields a coronary calcium score (for long-term tracking purposes)
2) identify the causes such as small LDL particles, lipoprotein(a), vitamin D deficiency, and thyroid dysfunction
3) correct the causes
enjoy virtual elimination of risk.

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