Thursday, October 18, 2012

Does Fish oil fail to deliver on its promise? Listen to an expert.

Fish Oil - Good for you or not?

Several articles in the news lately, pretty much said that taking fish oil, or omega 3's, did nothing to help prevent heart disease. Should you toss your supply? Hear what Dr. Blanchet has to say about omega 3’s and their role in our health. Find out the facts about the studies that were done which prompted the media concern.

Dr. Blanchet is my doctor and has helped me slow my coronary artery plaque to 5% per year. So do I take fish oil? You bet!

I am one of his patients over 65 years old and with a calcified plaque score of greater then 1000.

Listen to a pod cast by he and Lindsay talking about Omega-3 fatty acids here.
See other info about Dr. Blanchet here.

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