Sunday, October 14, 2012

Results of my second serial CAC Scan just in.

I have been working hard on slowing plaque growth for several years but mostly in the last year and a half because I had my first viable CAC scan to provide a measuring point baseline for reference.

Other comments on the report follow.
  • IMPRESSION: Stable exam compared to Sept 15, 2011

  • PATIENT: 69 year old man with no cardiac symptoms but a past history of cardiovascular disease resulting in 6 MI events over a 17 year period. His current stress level is low. He has a history of prior cardiac procedures including CABG (1x), Angiography and Coronary Stent (3x). He has a family history of stroke and heart disease in a first or second degree relative.


  • Your current EBT heart was compared to your most recent prior scan and the progression of calcified plaque is less than 15% annually. This is a very good result and is consistent with a low risk for coronary event over the next few years.

Encouraging but no resting on my laurels. The 22% annualized plaque growth in the RCA is a matter of concern reminding me that further improvement is necessary so adjustments may have to be made in my diet etc.

Prior Scan was Sept 15, 2011
Current Scan Oct 5, 2012
My assessment is that it looks pretty good except for % change on LMCA and the RCA
That line below the chart that ends with 4% is good.
Have consult with doctor tomorrow (10/15/2012). Stay tuned for a more qualified analysis.

Note my treatment plan which seems to be paying off is that of the Track Your Plaque Program. It primarily consists of diet and supplements with minimal drug intervention (especially 'no statins' which I do not tolerate). It includes advanced lipid analysis then treating atherogenic ones such as Lp(a) and apo B or LDL particle number and particle size.

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