Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Unaccountable (Book) - Makary

"Unaccountable" Book Trailer

New Release by Bloomsbury Press: Available now for pre-order wherever books are sold.
An urgent call to make our healthcare more transparent, more democratic, and safer for patients.
In Unaccountable, Dr. Marty Makary provides readers with a behind-the-scenes view on how U.S. hospitals are changing for the better and for the worse. He points out how hospitals are becoming giant corporations while patients blindly walk into a dangerous marketplace they can't study or evaluate.

"Who is in charge of overseeing medical care in America?" asks Dr. Makary. In Unaccountable, readers will learn the shocking truth about the wild west of modern medicine, including its hazards and heroes:

• Why are medical errors still the fifth leading cause of death in America?

• Why do some prestigious, large hospitals have complication rates five times higher than other hospitals?

• Why is it that approximately 30% of all medications and procedures may not be necessary, according to a new study.

• How to find the best medical care?

Today, more than ever, doctors and nurses describe a "corporatization" of healthcare by executives removed from front-lines patient care--a parallel to the mistakes of banking executives before the financial collapse. The only difference is that instead of a one time taxpayer bail-out, the healthcare industry is being bailed-out every day.

As a leading advocate for transparency in healthcare, Dr. Makary argues that the waste and bad medical care can be fixed if consumers have good information to make healthcare decisions.

Although this information now exists, it is not publicly available. If hospital performance and other key information were disclosed to consumers, then hospitals would be accountable and consumers could make smart decisions.

While political partisans debate the role of government in fixing health care, Dr. Makary argues that transparency is the crucial prerequisite. The reforms advocated in Unaccountable are neither conservative nor liberal. They are common sense solutions and they are more needed today than ever. With thousands of lives at stake every year and a system that is bankrupting families, businesses, and the country, healthcare needs fresh ideas.

A tour-de-force of heartache and reason, Unaccountable represents one doctor's effort to shed light on American medicine and change the health care debate.

Now available for pre-order, wherever books are sold.

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